Chrome Pointer

The White Stallion - Manus

50 years have passed since the young girl Simone was in an accident. One day Simone came to the Valdele stable to ride a horse. The horse by the name Snowrunner, the white stallion, suddenly ran out off a cliff with Simone on his back. Simone was later found. She was injured and had a concussion, but luckily alive. They couldn't find the stallion. A lot of people tried to find him, since he was considered to be a very special horse. But no one ever found him. 
This is Lindsay. She lives the "perfect life". Her family is rich so whatever she wants, she gets. She also have an amazing horse by the name Firesoul. Together they win every competition on Jorvik. 
But what Lindsay doesn't know, is that the perfect life she lives today is not going to last for so long. 
Later at the stable...
Nathalie Moonriver: Lindsay! We need to talk. 
Lindsay: What is it?
N: I need some help tonight. I'm going to visit my family in Firgrove and I was wondering if you could keep an eye on Lady. I'm afraid that she will get colic again. Could you do that for me? '
L: Sure! I will just call my parents so they know i'm sleeping here tonight. 
N: Thank you Lindsay. 
Later by the night...
L: Hi Lady. 
*horse galopping effect*
L: What was that? Who rides in the middle of the night? 
*Lindsay go out from the stable to take a look. She sees a glimt of a white horse*
L: That horse is such a beauty... But why is it running here without any owner in the middle of the night?
"Lindsay walks to the horse. She will try to catch him. But he run away, and she cant even see him anymore." 
N: Was Lady fine yesterday? 
L: Yup. She was really fine. But I saw something

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